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Say that you have a brilliant idea that may be used within a business or manufacturing industry, then the first thing you ought to do is patenting that idea. The patenting process is what will serve as your protection. If you don't make the effort of patenting your idea and talk it with a company and figured out that they've used the idea you have, you are going to have no recourse if ever you decide to sue them. In order to know how you can patent your idea or invention, it has to fall in one of 3 categories listed below. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the Los Angeles Inventors Club.


Utility Patent - this is protecting the individual rights who has created an innovative product like for instance, a chemical compound, machine, new part of a machine and so forth. That patent is going to last for 2 decades starting from the date of its application.


Design Patent - here in this patent, it is protecting the original ornamental design of the product but, it is not covering the mechanical characteristics or philosophy of it. These patents unlike the utility patents only lasts for 14 years from the time it was granted. If you are interested in How to patent search , please click the link provided.


Plant Patent - these days, this is actually the least applied patent and at the same time, the least issued whenever a new plant species has been discovered and this plant has to be completely different from the previous discoveries.


Of course, there are some other considerations when patenting your idea and if it'll be accepted. Your invention has to be useful because otherwise, nobody would have interests in it anyway. The idea must be a viable industrial or technical process, new chemical compound or mixture that's proven to be useful in manufacturing process or an innovative way of doing business. Furthermore, it has to be proven to work, unique and not just a new spin of something similar as it may enter infringement. Also, you can't patent fire, earthquakes, thunder or rainstorms for some obvious reasons. Furthermore, it is impossible to patent very simple or basic ideas. Rather, it needs to be a process or item for which the inventor needs to submit a detailed drawing and description which will be scrutinized. Seek more info about patent https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_to_file_and_first_to_invent


To be able to protect yourself from others who may be using your idea, you have to patent that idea in order to receive full protection from the law, which is the reason why knowing how to patent is extremely important.


Patenting Your Ideas Or Inventions